TasteTro Spice System: Spice Blends at a Touch of Button

by Conner Flynn. May 15, 2018


Just about everyone has a spice rack. Spices bring our food to life, adding some zest. Whether it’s salt and pepper, paprika, oregano or any other spice, seasonings take our food to the next level. But isn’t it about time we upgraded the old spice rack for our modern era? I agree.  The TasteTro Spice System makes it happen.

TasteTro Keeps The Spice Flowing

Tastetro is an intelligent spice rack that gives you mouthwatering spice blends at the touch of a button. You won’t have to mix and blend spices yourself any longer and isn’t it a pain having to reach for one spice jar at a time as you are adding them to your recipe? Tastetro eliminates these problems, making life a bit easier in the kitchen.

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Five Ingredients To Watch

Guacamole Recipe

3 ripe avocados

1 lime, juiced

1 jalapeno

2 ripe tomatoes

1/4 bunch of cilantro

2 tsp. TasteTro adobo seasoning


  1. Halve, peel and roughly dice avocados. Place in a medium bowl and roughly mash with a fork. Squeeze lime juice on top and mix into the avocado.
  2. Dice tomatoes and add.
  3. Deseed jalapeño and dice finely. Add to avocado mix.
  4. Remove leaves from cilantro stems. Roughly chop leaves and add to bowl.
  5. Sprinkle TasteTro seasoning on top of ingredients in bowl and mix. Enjoy with veggies or natural crackers.


5 Ingredients To Be Wary of When Buying Packaged Foods

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Tips for Preparing Perfect Meat


With the holidays just around the corner, festive parties and gatherings are on everyone’s list. Cooking at home for your loved ones and best mates is something that happens naturally for most. When it comes to it, we all want to be able to put on that amazing dinner party that everyone raves about. But how do we go about putting on one of those beautifully decorated and decadent dinner parties you see on Pinterest? I mean, the food alone is one of the most difficult parts. Sides and salads are doable, but what about the meat? Most people have a fear of serving meat at dinner parties as it can be quite the skill to perfect. Well, fear no more! TasteTro is here to help this holiday season. Our TasteTro chef is giving away 5 amazing tips on how to cook your meat so that it turns out perfect every time. No more nervous nail biting around whether your guests will like the main meat dish you cooked or not.


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4 Tips to Making a Great Soup

The change in season and the onset of cold weather is calling on heartier comfort foods. For this reason, we could not be any more thrilled to showcase some of our favorite TasteTro soup and stew recipes. Our feature soup of the month, Roasted Carrot and Parsnip Soup exemplifies all of the important components of what makes a good, hearty soup so satisfying during the winter months.


So, what makes a soup good? Here are 4 helpful tips:

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Pairing Wine & Spices

Pairing Spices and Wine

When it comes to spicy foods, there is a tendency to autopilot toward beer to refresh and recharge our awakened palates. But beer isn’t the only option – wine can often bring out the best a spicy meal has to offer. The trick is finding the perfect pairing to complement every aspect of your dish, while tampering the newfound fire on your tongue. We spoke with Erika Tocco, Wine Director from Vin Room in Calgary, about the best approach to pairing wine with a spicy dish. 

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Spices are like money – the more you have the more you need. The difference is that some spices actually do grow on trees.

Spicing Up Veggies

Vegetables –love them or hate them – they are an important part of most meals.  Cooking go-to veggies the same way again & again will bore the taste buds of even the most ardent veggie lover. By adding a sprinkle of herbs or spices to your vegetables, you can take their flavor to a whole new level with less than a minute’s work. Use our handy spice-vegetable reference table to ignite your palette, impress your dinner guests or motivate your kids to have a few extra bites.

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Cheese Sauce Make-Over – Make it Spicy!

Sure, a rich cheese sauce makes even broccoli delightful. However, it also adds fat and calories. Don’t get rid of the cheese – just reduce the fat content by using spices for flavor.

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Dry Spice Blends are Better than Marinades for You & Your Wallet

Dry spice mixes and rubs offer a tasty, healthier and often less expensive alternative to bottled marinades and sauces from the supermarket. The benefits of choosing dry spices over bottled flavor aids include: cost savings, less waste, not ingesting preservatives, higher quality ingredients, greater nutritional content, and the ability to customize flavor to your tastes.

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