Back to School Busy

With our kid’s being back to school, we’ve had to adjust our routines to accommodate school drop-offs and pickups, soccer practice, gymnastics and those dreaded early morning hockey sessions. The last thing we want to fall behind on is food prep for lunches and dinners. We understand it can be super difficult to eat healthy and to feed your family nutritious food while still keeping everything easy to prepare and delicious. This is why we came up with six tricks to help you shave off time in the kitchen but still keeping nasty chemicals, preservatives and food additives out of your food.

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Explore Your Way Through Spices

In North American culture we tend to brush off spices and forget to add them to our food, but when we get the opportunity to eat a proper Indian or Mexican dish, they become top of mind again. Spices have the power to bring out the best in every dish, even if all doing is just adding salt and pepper. So why not explore this world? Below we will speak to the science of spices as well as talk about a few key spices that will help bring your dishes to life and help you understand how they work together.

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Secrets to Amazing BBQ Food

Barbecue season is upon us, so why not make the most of it and do it right? We’ve come up with five important steps to consider when looking to perfect your barbecuing game.


  1. Build Flavor.
  2. Temper Your Ingredients.
  3. Know Your Cooking Temperatures.
  4. Perfect Pairings.
  5. Finishing Touches.


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TasteTro Spice System: Spice Blends at a Touch of Button

by Conner Flynn. May 15, 2018


Just about everyone has a spice rack. Spices bring our food to life, adding some zest. Whether it’s salt and pepper, paprika, oregano or any other spice, seasonings take our food to the next level. But isn’t it about time we upgraded the old spice rack for our modern era? I agree.  The TasteTro Spice System makes it happen.

TasteTro Keeps The Spice Flowing

Tastetro is an intelligent spice rack that gives you mouthwatering spice blends at the touch of a button. You won’t have to mix and blend spices yourself any longer and isn’t it a pain having to reach for one spice jar at a time as you are adding them to your recipe? Tastetro eliminates these problems, making life a bit easier in the kitchen.

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