TasteTro is an entrepreneurial company that was started after a particularly frustrating experience  seeking 
dinner inspiration in the spice aisle of the grocery store. We are an innovative culinary products company seeking to 
revolutionize the spice category for the benefit of all of the time-starved people like us who want to prepare tasty, healthy 
meals at home with ease.

We see herbs & spices as the natural alternative to prepared and processed foods and the simple solution to bland and
boring, healthy food. We also happen to think that shopping for spices should be inspiring and that accessing your
spice cupboard shouldn’t make you shudder.

Our Vision

To inspire culinary confidence, clean cooking and flavor adventure, while easing the stress of daily cooking

Our Values & Beliefs

Be a passionate, culinary explorer
Our kitchen is meant for people who are inspired to try new culinary experiences and flavors; for the curious, enthusiastic and social food lover.

Set the Bar High
We have high expectations of ourselves and each other. We believe in personal accountability, high integrity and striving for excellence.

Create Remarkable Experiences
Seize the moment, share a family recipe, pack a rush order, spread the word. It’s a partnership – be remarkable.

Be Innovative by Design
We make original, meaningful and artfully designed products that are fundamentally better than the status quo.