Holiday Egg Nog

Makes: 1 quart

Time: 15 minutes inactive, 15 minutes active


1 cup heavy cream (33%)

2 cups  whole milk

1 tsp TasteTro Holiday Spice blend

4 egg yolks

¼ cup maple syrup

1 tsp. vanilla

3 oz. spiced rum/ bourbon (optional)


1.    Place the cream, milk and spices into a pot on medium-high heat. Bring to a hard simmer, but not boiling.

2.    Meanwhile, place yolks, maple syrup and vanilla into a medium sized bowl. Whisk until combined (3o seconds).

3.    Temper the eggs with the hot milk by adding 1/3 of the hot liquid while simultaneously vigorously whisking. Once incorporated, add the remainder of the hot liquid.

4.    Pour the egg and milk mixture back into the pot and cook on medium heat. You must constantly move the mixture in a figure 8 design with a spatula.

5.    Cook for a few minutes or until it has thickened up. Don’t allow it to get too hot as the eggs may curdle. Transfer the mixture out of a pot into a bowl to cool the mixture. Strain the mixture if they are lumps. Once cool, add rum/bourbon.

Holiday Entertaining with TasteTro

Count down to the holidays with our best home cook tips for making entertaining a breeze this holiday season!

 1. Premix self-serve cocktails like our Orange Rosemary Fizz. You can treat this cocktail like a punch and make a large bowl.

2. Make things ahead that keep well like our Holiday Egg Nog, Roasted Red Pepper Dip or our Pain D’epices Bread.

3. Go for easy to make appys like our Savoury Shortbread or our Gruyere & Boursin Spinach Dip. They take no time to make and can be    made well in advance.

4. Go for buffet style food versus a sit-down dinner with mulitiple courses. Some of our TasteTro favourites we like to include on our buffet table are our Chimichurri Beef Striploin, Cranberry Walnut Couscous Salad and Hassleback Roasted Potatoes.



All Things Paprika

When you think of paprika, do you think there is just one kind? If the answer is yes, think again!


There are so many varieties of different types of spices and herbs that most may not be aware of. For example, when we see paprika in the grocery store, we are primarily buying American paprika but if we ventured out of the generic grocery store, we would find a plethora of different types of paprika such as Hungarian, Spanish or even smoked. To help educate you on some of the basics, we came up a short list of three different spices that have multiple types and varieties. We are featuring these in three separate articles for easy reading so jump to the next article if you are interested to learn more!


Paprika spice is a blend of different types of capsicum annuum peppers. There are three major countries that produce paprika.


  • Hungarian paprikaalways has a hint of sweet due to the climate it is grown in but ranges from mild to hot.
  • American paprikais sweet, mild and tends to have a more vibrant red colour.
  • Spanish paprika can be less intense than Hungarian and ranges from sweet to bitter and mild to hot. It also comes in smoked specifically designed for Paella.


Some of the TasteTro blends that include our paprika blend are our Piri Piriblend, Vindaloo blend and Chimichurri blend.

All Things Chili

Chili spice is derived from multiple chilis from around the globe and can be blended with different varieties to achieve specific flavour profiles. Here are some examples of different types of chillis that can be used on their own or placed into a blend.


  • Ancho chilis are the dried version of poblano peppers commonly used in Mexican and Southwestern cuisine. They are sweet and smokey in flavour.
  • Chipotle chilis are smoke-dried jalapenos that have a heavy smoky flavour that is used primarily in Mexican cuisine to make adobo sauce.
  • Chili de arbol chilis are very spicy small chilis originating from Mexico.
  • Prik chee fah chilis are what you would think of if you were thinking about thai chilis. They are small but pack a lot of heat. They are used to make different thai chilis.


Currently with TasteTro we are offering a dark chilli blend that we use in our Mexican Fiesta blend, our Adobo seasoning and in our Spicy Cajun blend.


With our launch on the horizon, we have chosen the top 20 spices and herbs to launch with. As we grow, we will be adding more and more variety to our offerings such as different types of chilis, peppercorns and paprikas.