CALGARY, July 3rd, 2019 – TasteTro Inc. is excited to announce the addition of a new team member to its advisory committee. Christoph Milz joined the team as a strategic advisor to assist in the launch of the TasteTro Spice System into the North American market. Milz has extensive experience in the consumer and commercial goods space. Coming from a background in culinary and smart kitchen appliances, Milz adds a unique set of skills to the team. Commenting on his decision, Christoph said “TasteTro is bringing a potentially disruptive technology and service to the market. It will introduce consumers to a more convenient, faster and exciting way of creating spice blends in home kitchens. In the past decade, consumers developed a palate that is ahead of their spice cabinet at home. As the ecosystem of the smart kitchen slowly, but steadily develops, TasteTro’s technology will fit in very well. I am also excited about the possibilities that the TasteTro technology can bring to the commercial space.”


Before signing on with TasteTro, Milz was hands-on in the food and tech space. Starting out as a chef 25 years ago, Milz decided to leave the industry in pursuit of a career in tech. He became the head of marketing and global business development for PolyScience Culinary, the leading manufacturer of commercial sous vide appliances before the company was acquired by Breville. Milz then co-founded Hestan Cue Smart Cooking, the world’s smartest cooktop system and led the company for the past four years. Hestan Cue was one of the early entrants into the smart kitchen.


James Murray, TasteTro’s CEO and Co-founder commented “We are thrilled to have Christoph join our advisory team. His vast experience and connections in the commercial and consumer appliance space along with the culinary world adds a unique and important perspective to TasteTro’s solutions. We see his deep knowledge of consumers’ interactions with smart kitchen appliances enhancing the TasteTro Spice System experience and assisting us in delivering a world-class solution.”


About TasteTro


TasteTro Inc., based in Calgary, Alberta, is a startup company preparing to launch an innovative small kitchen appliance that delivers spices and mouthwatering blends at the touch of a button – making it simple and fun to prepare delicious, healthy meals and snacks, quickly. The patented TasteTro Spice System incorporates Bluetooth and RFID technology to allow for a user’s flavor expansion right from their kitchen counter. TasteTro uses a multi‐dispensing pod system to deliver quality gourmet spices and herbs.


For information on TasteTro, visit TasteTro.com. To register for product launch alerts, visit TasteTro.com/register. For media inquiries, contact James Murray jbmurray@TasteTro.com 403.590.5005 ext 3