Back to School Busy

With our kid’s being back to school, we’ve had to adjust our routines to accommodate school drop-offs and pickups, soccer practice, gymnastics and those dreaded early morning hockey sessions. The last thing we want to fall behind on is food prep for lunches and dinners. We understand it can be super difficult to eat healthy and to feed your family nutritious food while still keeping everything easy to prepare and delicious. This is why we came up with six tricks to help you shave off time in the kitchen but still keeping nasty chemicals, preservatives and food additives out of your food.


1) Ditch This: Spice cupboard chaos.


Try This Instead: Get a TasteTro spice system as a spice rack. With 50 pre-programmed blends and over 100 recipes to get you started this eye-appealing kitchen counter appliance is loaded with flavor and takes up a fraction of the space your loose, old spices are taking up.

2) Ditch This: Store bought salad dressing containing nasty chemicals and preservatives like propylene glycol (yup, that’s pretty much refined car oil).


Try This Instead: Homemade salad dressing in a mason jar. Just add your favourite TasteTro spice blend to some oil and vinegar, and voila! You’ve created something nutritious!

3) Ditch This: Adding plain old iodized salt at the end of the cooking process to make up for lackluster flavour that wasn’t developed during the cooking process.


Try This Instead: Heat your TasteTro spices first before adding other food to the pot to help bring out the flavor and aromas.

4) Ditch This: Seasoning packages for tacos, chillies, etc. These packages contain some funky stuff like MSG (it’s sneakishly hidden in the maltodextrin) and some harsh preservatives such as ethoxyquin (we can’t pronounce it either!).



Try This Instead: TasteTro offers a wide variety of seasoning blends to suit all types of palates and flavor profiles. There isn’t a blend in our top 50 that can’t take care of taco Tuesdays or Friday’s fish.

5) Ditch This: Sodium-laden pre-bought sauces for stir fry dishes.


Try This Instead: Create your own super simple stir fry sauce with one of our TasteTro spice blends, low-sodium soy sauce, rice vinegar and a dash of fish sauce.

6) Ditch This: Chemical-based popcorn seasonings.


Try This Instead: We love popcorn here at TasteTro. This is why we’ve created several nutritious popcorn blends that have all the flavour and none of the chemicals.