All Things Paprika

When you think of paprika, do you think there is just one kind? If the answer is yes, think again!


There are so many varieties of different types of spices and herbs that most may not be aware of. For example, when we see paprika in the grocery store, we are primarily buying American paprika but if we ventured out of the generic grocery store, we would find a plethora of different types of paprika such as Hungarian, Spanish or even smoked. To help educate you on some of the basics, we came up a short list of three different spices that have multiple types and varieties. We are featuring these in three separate articles for easy reading so jump to the next article if you are interested to learn more!


Paprika spice is a blend of different types of capsicum annuum peppers. There are three major countries that produce paprika.


  • Hungarian paprikaalways has a hint of sweet due to the climate it is grown in but ranges from mild to hot.
  • American paprikais sweet, mild and tends to have a more vibrant red colour.
  • Spanish paprika can be less intense than Hungarian and ranges from sweet to bitter and mild to hot. It also comes in smoked specifically designed for Paella.


Some of the TasteTro blends that include our paprika blend are our Piri Piriblend, Vindaloo blend and Chimichurri blend.