TasteTro Spice System to be Showcased at the International Housewares’ Media Preview in NYC

CALGARY, January 4, 2018  – TasteTro Inc., an innovative culinary startup, is excited to announce that it will be showcasing and demoing the TasteTro Spice System at the International Home & Housewares Show Media Preview in New York on January 18th 2018.  TasteTro will be launching the Spice System later this year and expect to spark the $10B spice category in a way that Keurig and Nespresso revolutionized coffee.


The TasteTro Spice System is an intelligent spice rack, featuring Bluetooth and RFID technology, that delivers mouthwatering spice blends at the touch of a button.  It comes with 50 pre-programmed spice blends all paired with easy-to-prepare snack and meal recipes created by TasteTro’s Chefs.  It works on its own or as a connected smart kitchen appliance.


Designed for those with a hectic schedule and a love for gourmet food who are often challenged with the daily ‘what’s for dinner?’ question. The TasteTro Spice System offers incredible flavor versatility compared to ordered meal kits and a healthier convenience solution compared to processed foods.  One can simply scroll through the menu until something jumps out at them, hits dispense and voila!


James Murray, CEO & TasteTro’s co-Founder, commented “With so many people relying on sodium-rich processed foods and takeout for their family meals during the hectic work week, we created a simple way, with the TasteTro Spice System, to bring convenience and a world of flavor exploration right to the kitchen counter at a touch of a button – inspiring culinary confidence, clean cooking and flavor adventure, while easing the stress of daily cooking. “


About TasteTro

TasteTro Inc., based in Calgary, Alberta, is a startup company launching an innovative small kitchen appliance that delivers spices and mouthwatering blends at the touch of a button – making it simple and fun to prepare delicious, healthy meals and snacks, quickly. The patented TasteTro Spice System incorporates Bluetooth and RFID technology to allow for a user’s flavor expansion right from their kitchen counter. TasteTro uses a multi-dispensing pod system to deliver quality gourmet spices and herbs.


For information on TasteTro Inc, please visit TasteTro.com.  For media inquiries, contact James Murray jbmurray@TasteTro.com or 403.590.5005 ext. 3


About International Housewares Association’s 2018 Show Preview

Annually, invited media guests are provided the opportunity to preview the hottest new home and housewares products.  This year, 60 great companies will be showcasing their products including, Instant Pot, Johnsonville, Melitta, Nespresso, Tribest and TasteTro.


For information on 2018 Show Preview, please contact Debbie Teschke dteschke@housewares.org or 847.692.0110