Spice Cupboard Chaos Solution

Time to empty out the spice cupboard?


When you think about your spice cupboard, do you wince at the thought of opening it? How many millions of half-used taco seasoning packages do you have laying around? Or what about those gourmet spice blends you got for Christmas five years ago, but never wanted to touch for fear of “wasting” them?


Fear no more. We are here to help! We too had fallen victim to spice cupboard chaos! Hence, the creation of TasteTro. With the ability to completely get rid of your entire spice cupboard and put it all into a tiny appliance that is equal to a 20-piece spice rack. Why would you even think twice?

If you’re not convinced, let us convince you. We want you to gather 20 of your favourite herbs and spices. Then we want you to grab 50 of your favourite spice blends. Put them on your counter all together and see how much space they take up! Think about how you are going to use up all of these spices, herbs and blends in the next two years. Gotcha stumped, don’t we?


With TasteTro, we have conveniently created the most popular, most succulent herb and spice blends making it easy to choose what flavors you want to add to your meals. The cool part is, you’re not just stuck at 20 spices and 50 blends. As we grow, we’ll be adding in more herbs and spices which means more blends! How cool is that?


Now do we have you convinced?