Our Product Development Journey


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When the concept for TasteTro was first developed, I believed that we would be launching our innovation to the market in 18 months. Clearly, I was wrong on the timeline. I am reminded of the quote by Bill Bradley “Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” At TasteTro, we are persistent and we are ambitious.


After a few startup conferences, it was easy to become envious of software or app companies that were launched and revenue positive within six months. If, like many consumer product crowdfunding launches, we ran our campaign on the first prototype, we would have disappointed you with our delays and possibly felt the pressure to rush development. Our goal has never been to get to the market fast. Our goal has always been to create an innovation that fundamentally changes the way time-starved food lovers access and use spices in their kitchen, creating a world of unlimited flavour exploration at the touch of a button. As I have been told many times, hardware is “hard”. I would say creating the right hardware experience is “hard”.


In the past four years, we have created five prototypes and built a full network of partners from engineers, designers, manufacturers, culinary chefs, testing facilities, technology companies to spice purveyors. I have personally toured every factory we considered and even slept in one of their dormitories. Our partner companies believe in what we are creating and have been an important part of shaping the TasteTro experience. We look forward to sharing this experience with you. We are getting close to launch and excited to see the vast world of flavours that will be explored at the touch of a button.


Thank you for your patience and for checking in on our progress. We promise we will let you know once TasteTro is ready for launch. If you are excited about the TasteTro Spice System, please signup for our email notification and share with your friends on social media. A new brand needs an adventurous food lover village too!


Thanks for joining us on our journey!

James B Murray
Co-founder and CEO

Posted: August 23, 2017