TasteTro, the Connected Spice System, to Launch on Indiegogo in May


CALGARY, March 10, 2018  – TasteTro Inc., a smart kitchen culinary startup, is excited to announce that consumer pre-sales for the TasteTro Spice System will launch on the Indiegogo platform in early May.


Recently selected by the International Housewares Association as a finalist for Product Design Excellence, the TasteTro Spice System is poised to disrupt consumer spice habits, following in similar footsteps to home sparkling water and coffee.


Designed for time-starved food enthusiasts, the TasteTro Spice System is an intelligent spice machine that delivers mouth-watering spice blends at the touch of a button. Answering the dreaded daily “what’s for dinner” question will become much easier and less stressful with TasteTro’s launch. Basil ginger chicken,  chimichurri and zesty Italian….  are just a few of the signature blends the TasteTro Spice System dispenses.


The TasteTro Spice System comes complete with 20 multi-use, spice pods plus salt, as well as 50 pre-programmed spice blends paired with easy-to-prepare snack and meal recipes created by TasteTro’s Chefs.  Featuring Bluetooth and RFID technology, the system works on its own or as a connected smart kitchen appliance.  Scroll, click and voila – the TasteTro Spice System offers infinitely more flavor options than ordered meal kits and a healthier convenience solution to prepared and processed shortcuts.


James Murray, CEO & TasteTro’s co-Founder, explains “We started out looking to solve the pain point of idling spices and spice cupboard chaos, and in doing so find that we’re also encouraging people to try new dishes and inspiring flavor adventure and “fast from scratch” cooking. TasteTro will offer some of the highest gourmet quality spices on the market and our chefs have been busy creating and perfecting a full variety of recipes and blends for launch.”


“After over four years of product development and testing, we are really excited to work with Indiegogo to bring our innovation to market” adds Murray.  “TasteTro will offer a variety of Spice System bundles, with a limited number of Founders Packages with special perks. Early purchasers will also be able to contribute TasteTro’s ongoing flavour expansion journey as we continue to extend our offering of spices and programmed blends. With connectivity, user enhancements and interaction with other devices will also continue to evolve.”